News for October 2005

Small update24 October 2005
Fixed a display problem for the kanji with 3rd/4th edition keywords. Thanks to Immacolata for reminding me about it.

Thanks to all who have submitted quality mnemonics and stories, in particular darg_sama, Immacolata and rizzo.

We currently have mnemonics or hints covering 603 kanji, and a total of 736 shared mnemonics.
500 mnemonics/stories added10 October 2005
I've converted the stories that I had put together as PDF files and that I used to post on the japantoday forums under the name fuaburisu. Those stories cover the range of kanji frame 509 to 1000. They are now available in the study section.

PS: Note that if you're reading this I am still in the process of cleaning up those stories after I have converted them into the website's database.
Share mnemonics and tips for the kanji !8 October 2005
In the new "study" area you will be able to browse the kanji, enter your stories, and share your stories with other members (see example frame 509 "dye").

I thought I would publish what I have at this time, and I hope that with your feedback, I will have a better idea of how to develop this section of the site.

Some of the things planned include : a voting/scoring system to rank the mnemonics, printing a range of kanji and the stories (for example to take and study away from the computer), hiding the kanji and/or the stories that you have reviewed only once or twice, so as to encourage memory recall when entering your stories.

Thanks and hurrah!4 October 2005
I forgot to thank John "kurojohn" Vold for his help compiling the list of "Remembering the Kanji" Volume 3's keywords. Thanks John, and congratulations for completing book one!