News for August 2007

Broken links & Internet Explorer bug28 August 2007
Because I did some "house cleaning" on the website to make further updates easier, a few links were broken in the process, they're now fixed (failed kanji list & keyword link from the review page).

Update : Review page should work in Internet Explorer now. I am aware that the Review page does not work in Internet Explorer. I am looking into it. I made a big mistake (from the point of view of a website developer) by updating my home XP version with IE7 and this makes the process of testing the site in IE6 more difficult.
Update: Copy Story & Favourites27 August 2007
Today's updates

Unfortunately I'm running pretty short on time after wrestling 1h30 with the utmost evil that is "mod_rewrite" (if you don't know what that is good for you ^_^!!).

So here's a quick summary of the changes to the Study page: there are 3 icons next to each story.

Star : You can show your appreciation, and help other members sort through the mnemonics and stories quicker by voting for those stories that worked well for you, or those that from your experience, you know will work well for other members. Only one vote per story!

Warning sign : this report feature will be further developed. For the time being, you can use it to mark stories that have irrelevant content, or offensive content, or which reproduce those from James Heisig's book (copyrighted stories).

Copy Story : copies the story, including the formatting of primitives and keywords as the author of the story edited them.

I will detail the changes the next few days.

Greasemonkey scripts users: if you have problems in the Study area you should first disable all the Greasemonkey scripts, then try again. Some scripts might need to be updated.

Please post feedback for this update in this topic (thanks synewave).

Update tomorrow & site maintenance26 August 2007
If all goes well tomorrow I hope to update the site with a voting system for stories, something that was often discussed in the forums.

Because there are also many changes from the still-in-the-works "vocab/sentence review" area on my "local" version of the website, I expect the update will be a little tricky...

So please bear with me tomorrow as the website update/maintenance could last an hour or so, somewhere between 8pm~11pm (GMT+1).