News for March 2016

Remembering the Kanji available on Apple iBooks store25 March 2016
Remembering the Kanji 1 (€ 28,99) and RtK 2 (€ 22,99) are available as ebook in the Apple iBooks store since last month. Thanks to Jeroen for the information! I created a forum topic to discuss this particular edition.
Introducing White Rabbit Press and the Kanji Poster9 March 2016
I'm pleased to introduce a new sponsor, White Rabbit Press !

Tokyo-based White Rabbit Press produces several top-selling products for Japanese language learners. Included in their catalog are Kana Flashcards with unforgettable visual and verbal mnemonics; an essential series of Kanji Flashcards; a definitive Kana Reference Poster, and JLPT and Heisig Kanji Posters. They also produce a series of Japanese Graded Readers for iPad (soon to be updated for iPhone and Android).

White Rabbit also runs a shop with hundreds more Japanese language titles hard to find outside Japan. If that’s not enough -- they are also pioneers of proxy-buying service in Japan with White Rabbit Express (now in it's 10th year of operation). Use this link to sign-up, and get a $5 credit on your first order.

Special Offer for Kanji Koohii members! Use coupon code KOOHIHEISIG during checkout in their shop and get a 20% discount on the Laminated Heisig Kanji Wall Poster.