Miscellaneous fixes15 February 2017
Donate page updated. PayPal now uses the simple PayPal.me page. Please let me know if this works better! The Patreon page is not ready yet.

• Fixed #27 "RTK3 chapter label not showing on Progress Chart"

• Fixed #28 "Progress chart: RTK 3 not recognized as finished"

• Added the footer to the Progress Chart page which gives some room when scrolling to the end of the lessons table.

• Abandoned #68 "Highlight keywords and primitives in stories" (feel free to suggest other ideas in the issue)

• Renamed "Documentation" to "Help" in desktop navigation

• Updated screenshots on Help page #67

• Converted Help page to Markdown for easier editing and contributions #72. NOTE : the goal here eventually will be to add translations, but first the english version needs some serious summarizing!

• (Desktop) Help page navigation uses fixed positioning (stays on screen when you scroll).