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Redesigning the Shared Stories for usability20 January 2017
I'm redesigning the Shared Stories list. See kanji-koohii/feedback on Gitter where I will post work in progress designs like that from time to time. Input very much welcome.
On the bleeding edge17 January 2017
Would you like to test the latest version of the website? The upcoming update is a significant update which improves the mobile experience a lot, as well as benefit desktop users too. For example the Restudy workflow has been improved, the design in general is cleaner and simpler, etc.

To join in: (step 1) sign up on Github so you can post or comment on issues (bugs / features) (step 2) login the kanji-koohii/feedback room on Gitter with the same login you've just made for GIthub (so you only need one account for both). (step 3, optional) install the Gitter app on Android or iOS then you can follow updates easily from your phone or tablet.

I'd like to get more users on Gitter who have a mobile device. I will post changes there, and from time to time ask to test a page, and report if it displays correctly, or if it's convenient to use on a smartphone, etc.
'member when the bar chart was all isometric?16 January 2017
Are you knowledgable about CSS, SVG and Javascript? 'member this codepen I posted some time ago demonstrating the Leitner bar chart with VueJS ? Well meolox is sad to see the isometric bars go, and I certainly am too!

Update: thanks to faneca the "3D" Leitner bar chart lives on! It was originally made in SVG and lost in translation as I had to find solutions for mobile. Now it's back with some CSS. Plus, it can have a nice depth effect too on a smaller screen. See this picture and this CodePen, and 3D Leitner Boxes issue on Github!
What app to use for feedback with users?16 January 2017
I just posted a question on the forum: Do you know a good chat app that would help me collect feedback as well as let me announce changes to the site for quick iterations? Let me know in this thread.
Mobile / Responsive Update feedback moving to Github!15 January 2017
I am in the process of moving feedback (issues and suggestions) to Github! This will make it easier for anybody who wants to be involved to discuss changes, as well as keep track of things I'm working on.

If you are motivated to review the mobile / responsive update just look for fabd on Github and you will find the Kanji Koohii project there as as well as the link to the "bleeding edge" version of the site in the README =)

I am currently moving feedback to the "Issue" system on Github. So if you'd like to provide feedback now you just need a Github account, and then you can simply follow updates by "watching" the repository, as well as keep track of issues you posted yourself or subscribe to.

Feedback so far is pretty positive and I am hearing that it works already quite well on smartphone for daily use. I find also that in many ways optimizing for smaller screens helped me to simplify areas of the site as well as refresh the design overall.
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