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  • 28 April 2017Update on HTTPS and important announcement

    I wrote an update on Patreon regarding the HTTPS and moving to a new server (most likely). I also make an important annoucement about "taking a backseat" so to speak to the website, and my hopes for the open source project.
  • 26 April 2017Introducing Study Quest (sponsor)

    Hi, I’m Andrzej the developer of Study Quest. Fabrice’s website helped me learn the kanji, so I’m very excited to be able to share my own study tool with its users a decade later!

    Study Quest is a free language learning RPG game for iOS and Android.
    • Designed to cater to both beginners and advanced students alike.
    • Books of virtual flashcards covering kana, kanji, vocab & phrases.
    • Or create your own flashcards and share with the community!
    • Your answers are graded automatically, and reviews smartly scheduled by an optimal SRS algorithm.
    • Study by defeating monsters in turn-based battle across a spectrum of weird and wonderful worlds!
    Keep your studies fun, effective, and motivating with Study Quest!

    Download free for iOS and Android
  • 2 April 2017End of March update

    Head over to Koohii land end of March update on Patreon for a recap of what happened in Koohii land last month!
  • 29 March 2017Review by lesson added to Kanji Review

    The ability to review kanji by RTK lesson has been added back in. The option is available in the "Kanji Review" page. If you pick a lesson, the "from" and "to" fields will be ignored. Not super obvious, but this will do. The usual options also work: shuffle mode, example words and "kanji to keyword" review.

    This feature used to be available via "Test" links on the Progress Chart page. However it was confusing users who wondered why the chart did not update after a test. To reduce this confusion, the lesson review mode was moved to the Kanji Review page, so it is clearly separated from the SRS page.

    Thanks to sheryll for reminding me about it.
  • 22 March 2017Kanji Koohii is now Open Source

    The website is now an open source project (Github repository) with an AGPL v3 license. You can reach me on Gitter at any time for help setting up the repo or any questions you have about the code (see README file). I will update the Issue board with a better labeling system, so in the meantime if you are interested in contributing just get in touch and we'll figure out some thing. :)

    The codebase isn't the prettiest since I started this project in late 2005. However lately the build has been updated to webpack + Babel and new functionality can be developed with modern ES6 Javascript, VueJS components, etc. On the backend side, any help to refactor and improve the codebase is very much appreciated.