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Fix for small screens20 April 2015
The sponsors sidebar should now display horizontally on small screens, so you don't need to scroll down that much (thanks Rakesh!).

I'd like to fix the viewport eventually, so mobile users don't need to zoom and pan the webpage, however there's still quite a bit of work to adapt the Study pages. I'm not quite sure yet how to adapt the Study sidebar functionality in a single column layout.

Soon: Review new cards in order13 April 2015
Started work today on an option to review new cards (the blue pile) in their original RTK ordering. This update should be live this week !

Up to now flashcard reviews have always used shuffling in order to provide a stronger test. However in retrospect I agree with forum poster john555 that: "in the initial memorizing stages it's useful to review in Heisig order because your memory of a specific kanji is reinforced by what comes before and after" (ie. characters built on components introduced in earlier characters). It will be an option!

I should probably add a checkbox as well to the Custom Review page so you can chose to review any range of cards in order.

Once I have the new "Review Options" page up, I might look into adding a few more that have been asked before. One is to display the On Yomi (reading) on the flashcards. This could provide an additional cue for remembering the characters. Let me know what you think!
Slow day.6 April 2015
Another teensy weensy little fix (thanks to Frank):

• Editing the keyword now accepts a change of case (eg. "ri" > "Ri"). Previously a custom keyword that only changes the letter case would be considered the default keyword and would not save.
Small usability fix for Flashcard Review on mobile.2 April 2015
The close icon (little red cross) is now showing up in the Edit Flashcard dialog, on mobile devices (less than 700 pixels width, typically in vertical mode).

Previously it seemed there was no way to close this dialog (where you can pick "Skip flashcard" and "Delete flashcard"). It was possible to tap into the empty space outside of the dialog (ie. below) to close it but that wasn't very obvious. :)
Minor fix.30 March 2015
Couple small changes today:

• Use the custom keyword (if any) in the Study page title (thanks Frank).

• The site name has been updated in a lot of pages to Kanji Koohii!.

Sorry for the lack of significant updates this month, just been feeling ill and had no energy. Thankfully I'm starting to feel better.
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