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Site News

New in the Study pages: Example Words!8 April 2014
You can now see a selection of "priority" entries from JMdict (Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary) on any given character's Study page.

You can also use the shortcut key D to view a selection of sample words during flashcard reviews (note these aren't optimized for mobile display, yet).

I remember when I was going through RTK, I spent a lot of time looking up the characters in the Kanji Learner's Dictionary (KKLD). Having example words helps a lot to understand why Heisig chose certain english keywords, and it helps you make better mnemonics that more accurately capture the particular meaning, or common use of the character.

There are some interesting directions I can take with this feature... I would like to hear from you though! Please post suggestions / bugs / feedback in this thread, thanks!
Goi App : Japanese Vocabulary Made Just For You2 April 2014
I'd like to thank Goi App for advertising with us and supporting Reviewing the Kanji since last August!
Goi uses your own personal learning history to show you new words that are easiest for you to learn at any given time.
Goi App is available on the iTunes Store. Check them out!

Upcoming feature: Example words in the Study pages31 March 2014
I'm currently working on a dictionary feature for the Study pages! I know there's quite a few areas of the site people would like to see improved, but .. when the motivation is there I'll take it.

With this feature you can see a list of example words for a kanji on any given Study page. Having example words for the kanji, even when you are not memorizing them yet, is very helpful to make a connection between the character and the english keywords.

This feature will be at first mostly a convenience one. It can save time looking up the characters in a paper dictionary (eg. Kodansha's Kanji Learner's Dictionary) or separate online resource. But there are quite a few interesting things that can be done in further updates, especially for users who take advantage of the Flashcards on this site.
Squashed a bug today.19 March 2014
The "assertion error" when looking up kanji characters that are not in RTK (Remembering the Kanji) has been fixed. Example character #21816: .

Trivia: the Study pages allow editing stories for roughly 12500+ kanji, hence many thousands more than the ones indexed in the RTK books. For non Heisig characters, the unicode value is considered to be an extension of the RTK index. Thus you can also search those characters by typing in the unicode value in the search box, in addition to the character itself.
Update: Shared Stories list optimization.6 March 2014
You will now see a "paging" interface above the Shared Stories list in the Study pages. This shoud improve the response time of the Study pages, along with some SQL optimization.

With the latency between your computer and the server, the change is probably not as noticable as it is on my development version, but it is definitely there. The render time for the page used to be often above 300 milliseconds, and a quick check now shows an average under 150 milliseconds, which is much better.

Note that the "rows per page" setting is remembered during a session only. If you log out or stop using the site for a while, you may have to change it again if you don't like the default of 20 rows. Saving options like that would be nice but it is the kind of things I can not prioritize right now.

I wish I could work on new exciting features and more fun things... but unfortunately in order to ensure the longevity of the website I am going to have to take care of other optimizations and some rewrites sooner than later. The storage of the Stories is something that needs a lot of improvement. It is really old code, it is very inefficient in terms of storage and I can think of better ways to do it now.
...more in the news archive.