News for August 2005

6th Scheduling23 August 2005
There is an additional scheduling interval (of two months) for flashcards being tested succesfully in the last compartment. The cards stay in the last compartment but get scheduled for review at a longer interval. This helps reduce the number of reviews for users who have finished studying the 2042 kanji, but want to continue to cycle through all the kanji every once in a while.
Fixed for Safari22 August 2005
The Leitner graph should now display correctly on Mac Safari browsers. Please let me know if anything's broken!
Stroke count21 August 2005
Added 画数 on the flashcards. What? You haven't learned these kanji already!? ;-) (hint: frame numbers 929, 1170).
Feedback21 August 2005
If you would like to contact me see the contact link on the footer of the page. I thought I'd mention it since it was added a few days ago, and prior to that there was no other way of contacting me if you didn't know my email address already.
3rd Edition Keywords In20 August 2005
For the (very few) keywords which have changed between the 3rd and 4th editions of "Remembering the Kanji", the flashcards now display both versions's keywords, using the format "3rd/4th". For example: "transfer/alternate".
New website layout18 August 2005
Hopefully a better layout. Let me know what you think. The review screen has been reduced a little bit so that it fits entirely in the browser window for users with a 1024x768 resolution.
Sight-Reading Kanji17 August 2005
Added sight-reading practice! Members, go to 'extras' for now.
Shortcut keys15 August 2005
Added shortcut keys N, SPACEBAR, and Y for the review screen.
Documentation14 August 2005
Documentation is online.
Review scheduling10 August 2005
Scheduling of cards changed to (0, 3, 7, 14, 30 days).
Review summary9 August 2005
Small update to the Review Summary screen.