News for May 2008

Kanji poster update27 May 2008
Paddy let me know that he updated the Kanji Poster site with the Mighty Kanji T Shirt. A fitting name I guess with over 2000 kanji on it! There are also T Shirts with the Kanji Poster mascot.

Site updates

Reviewing the Kanji has not been updated in a while and I apologize for that. I need to find concrete ways to fund myself to develop the site further without sacrificing all my personal time on it. More on this later..

A review of James W. Heisig's Remembering the Kanji5 May 2008
Member snispilbor (aka the "Glowing Face Man") wrote a great review of James Heisig's Remembering the Kanji, Volume 1.

Snispilbor's review includes some good explanations of the mnemonic method, the type of memory used, and also rebuttals to common criticisms of RtK. Last but not least it's quite humorous too :
The sexiest, most badass script in the known universe?
This is a great review for people who are new to the book as well as for learners who've embarked on the journey and in difficult moments wonder what this is all about! ;-)