Blog / April 2007

  • 7 April 2007Here I come Japan!

    Hi everyone! I am packing up for the plane tomorrow morning, for what looks to be three wonderful weeks in Japan!

    Thank you!
    I would like to thank everyone who has donated for the website so far. I've received about 340 euros, most of which came during the first two days after I put up the support page. I would like to thank also the three persons who chose the recurring donation.

    My next challenge will be to be able to find continued support in one way or another, and develop the next big area of the website.

    Once I get back from Japan, starting early May, I hope to begin working on a new area that will cover review of grammar, vocabulary and kanji readings; it will be quite flexible, and will have the added benefit that it will be open to all learners of Japanese whether or not they have used the RTK method. (of course if you have been reviewing RTK kanji here, the system will be able to use that extra information).

    I will try to check the mail while I am in Japan but I may not be able to answer until I am back in Belgium on April 30.

    I wish you all the best with your aspirations, and hopefully the month of April will see more members completing RTK and taking a firm step on their way to Japanese literacy!

    Fabrice / ファブリス