Blog / November 2015

  • 15 November 2015The new forum is LIVE!

    Finally. It was a lot of work but I am really happy today to introduce the upgraded and redesigned kanji koohii FORUM !

    The forum is now mobile device friendly (phones and tablets)! Early Google PageSpeed Insight results are promising. No more pinch and zoom. You can now browse all discussions, and participate on a mobile device with resolutions all the way down to 480 pixels wide.

    I wanted the mood of the forum to change, from the somewhat dry and rhetoric look (in my eyes, anyway), to something a little more colorful with hints of cherry inspired of course by Japan :) I didn't want to go full "flat design" though, so there are shadows and layers, and I will continue to refine it over time. I am not a graphic designer, so the design is a bit weak and inconsistent in some areas but overall I think it's a decent upgrade :)

    Along with the responsive layout and refreshed design, the forum now supports a Rich Text Editor, private messaging, video embedding in posts, a printable version of threads, etc.