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  • 3 June 2007Weekend's updates

    This weekend's updates :

    - finally added a "timezone" setting so that cards scheduled for review will expire at midnight of your local time. Please go to My Profile > Edit Account and set your local time zone setting.

    Minor fixes & visuals:

    - clicking "Learned" in the Study area no longer updates the story's "last edited" time stamp (thanks synewave).

    - fixed the Cancel button in the Study area so that the changes are really lost (previously after clicking "Cancel" the text remained as edited)

    - added two screenshots on the home page for guest visitors (I still haven't documented the Study area in the Learn More section, so that should help a bit)

    - improved the appearance of the forms while I was at it :P


    - added a "Community" sub-forum for the chatty types :)

    (also moved the "RtK meetup" topic there), this is meant to be the new "General discussion" forum.

    - added a sub-forum dedicated to the Japanese language tests such as JLPT, JETRO, KanKen, etc., since there are quite a few discussions revolving around these tests and many members are actually preparing for those.

    - I've retitled the "kanji room" into "The Japanese writing system", to cover a broader spectrum of topics..