Blog / August 2010

  • 7 August 2010Short and sweet

    Sometimes I receive very sweet emails, this one wins for brevity:
    This website is AWESOME! It is so useful and helpful and also user-friendly! Thank you very much!
    Thank you Kerrie !

    So what's up with the website now?

    There are plenty of things I want to work on in the next months.

    I'm slowly settling in my new one-room appartment. It's quite small but I can't complain as my expenses will be much lower than they were in Brussels.

    Most of my belongings are still packed in cartons. I am waiting for a comfortable desk which I ordered last week. Most important piece of furniture if I want to get anything done. :)

    I hope to put this time of purposeful "unemployment" to good use on the website and other projects.