Blog / October 2009

  • 3 October 2009Just when you thought you were done with RTK...

    I have been contacted recently by Mary Sisk Noguchi of, whom I had the pleasure to meet during a trip to Nagoya back in 2007.

    Mary is about to write her 100th column for the Japan Times. She has recently put up on her site a list of the 191 candidates for addition to the joyo kanji :
    I have included all proposed pronunciations and one English meaning for each. As you probably know, 5 kanji are expected to be removed and 191 added to the current joyo kanji in 2010.

    The committee who has been working on this revision is expected to announce their final recommended list in several months (Feb). The list has remained unchanged in the last one year of their committee meetings, so it is unlikely there will be dramatic changes.
    You will find the list that Mary put together over at kanjiclinic:
    New Joyo (General-Use) Kanji Candidates (191 characters).

    See the corresponding Revised Jōyō kanji discussion in the community forums. Our resident expert Katsuo also created detailed lists of the joyo and non-joyo kanji for RTK learners, which you will find in this forum thread (thanks to Jim for links update).