Blog / January 2006

  • 31 January 2006Small fix

    I've corrected a problem with the "Review All Expired Cards" option. As hinted by the orange color, it should only have included the expired cards (orange cards), and not the failed cards (red cards). Thanks to Søren (member Immacolata) for pointing this out.
  • 30 January 2006James W. Heisig interview

    Juan W. Rivera (member taijuando) let me know that he has recently interviewed James Heisig.

    The article, titled Adventures in Kanji-Land: James W. Heisig and the Birth of Remembering the Kanji can be read at
  • 18 January 2006Does your kanji need a doctor ? is a great site to visit while you are studying Remembering The Kanji.
    Its purpose is to provide practical advice and inspiration to non-Japanese adults striving to achieve literacy in Japanese by learning the 1,945 general-use kanji ("Chinese characters").

    I liked to read one column after each completed lesson of RTK1, to keep my interest going. The Reader Response is also a great source of motivation.

    I finished Remembering The Kanji Volume 1 on 15 January, by the way :) Mind, I still have a stack of about 200 "failed" cards. I've found this is a great time to use the Study section. Because the critical part is over, that of meeting new kanji for the first time, I found I could refresh my memory and adapt my mnemonics while working at the computer. It's great to go back to earlier kanji, and see what mnemonics you have shared. Some of those are really neat, and have been a great help, thanks!

  • 1 January 2006Have a great 2006 !

    I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year, and let us hope this year many of you will reach your kanji goal and complete RTK Volume 1 ! I have still about 120 kanji to go myself, and I am determined to complete volume 1 this January.

    When I started out with the RTK method, I found valuable help and motivation through various forums. This website is my way of helping back. If I can only help 10 people reach their goal, I will be very happy. I already am in fact, with hardly any 'advertising' of the website, there's been a steady activity in the past few months, and I am guessing by the number of reviews on the members list that this is really being helpful to you.

    This website is mostly self-motivated work, thus it is evolving with my study. I hope to be finished with RTK Volume 1 by the end of January, and during February I hope to look into adding new sections for testing the on-yomi (chinese pronunciations). I also want to add a section to help study the on-yomi based on the kanji-chain method. Last but not least, someone kindly provided me with a full list of 3007 german keywords, so I may add a language option at that point. But more on that later.

    頑張って ! (ganbatte!)