Blog / February 2011

  • 19 February 2011Brief downtime Saturday 9PM GMT

    There was a brief downtime today to address spam on the community forum. The registration page now includes a CAPTCHA prompt which should help to reduce the number of dummy user accounts created by spam bots.

    Although I didn't mean to change the rest of the site, there were a lot of reshuffling of javascript in my development version which are now on the live site. I did a round of testing under Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome and Firefox. Things look fine, but it's possible I have introduced minor javascript bugs in this update. If anything appears broken, please let me know.

    This update also changes slightly the Reading page: it no longer requires a "mouse over" to show the keywords. On touch devices such as the iPad the "hover" event doesn't work so I have replaced it with a click event. Simply tap/click the kanji to see the keyword, then tap on the link to go to the Study page. It's a bit rough... but it works.

  • 12 February 2011Internet Explorer 6 and 7 compatibility.

    For users who are stuck with IE6 and are not allowed to upgrade the browser, I have added support for Google Chrome Frame. Read instructions here.

    I have tested and confirm that the website works fully (and looks better) with Google Chrome Frame installed on IE6.

    If you can't install anything at all, then you may want to use a portable browser on a USB key or in your home directory, which do not require installation.

    IE6 and 7 are now thoroughly outdated, with IE9 just around the corner (it is "release candidate" as of writing).