Blog / June 2006

  • 20 June 2006Teeny weeny update (study area)

    In the Study area, you no longer have to click twice to start editing your story. After you click on the text, and the textbox appears, it should be already focused and the cursor at the end of the text.

    ps: Be sure to hit Refresh/Reload once on your browser when you are in the Study area.
  • 17 June 2006Study area update

    Your own stories are now displayed as they appear to other members, with the proper formatting for the keyword and primitives. I will let you figure it out, hopefully it should be intuitive enough.

    Note: remember to hit "Refresh/Reload page" once when you are in the Study area, because your browser may have cached older versions of the files (such as stylesheets and javascript).

    If you find any problems or have suggestions about this update please post them here at the feedback forum, thanks!
  • 14 June 2006Forums!

    Yup, the forums are up!

    I will post more about it tomorrow when I am more than half-awake :)

    About the forum registrations : all existing and new members are automatically registered on the forums. That means you keep the same username throughout the main site and the forum.

    When you log in into the main site, you will be logged in into the forums as well. It's magic.

    The final url that you can bookmark should be but it may not be active for several hours.

    Well I'm off to bed now, 'night!