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  • 24 June 2010RTK 1 Supplement for Newly Approved General-Use Kanji

    From the publisher's page:
    In April 2010 the Japanese Ministry approved the addition of 196 characters to the "general-use" kanji list. 39 of these are already included in Remembering the Kanji I. The remaining 157 have been prepared as a special Supplement that may be downloaded here (PDF, 27 pages, 492KB) (22 June 2010 update). They will all be integrated into a new edition of the book currently in preparation.
    Thanks to member JimmySeal for the heads up. See RTK 1 Supplement topic on the forums.
  • 23 June 2010Help with a little bit of testing

    Thanks to a reminder from member infractus, I have fixed an issue with the "Reconnect" button that appears on the flashcard review page, when the connection is slow or unresponsive.

    I would like to update the live site soon, but I would like to get some feedback first to make sure no new bugs were introduced. Read on if you could spare five minutes for testing...

    How to test

    If you have sometimes slow connection and you see the "Reconnect" link on the flashcard review page, please do some test reviews on the staging website.

    Deleting cards or creating a new account is safe, the staging website uses a different database (an old backup). Just keep an eye on the "DEVELOPMENT VERSION!" background, or the url in your browser. When you are done, make sure you switch back to the live site at

    I suggest to add the easy kanji 1-50 for example, if you don't want to mess with your current study.

    If something appears to be broken or doesn't work as it used to, please post in this topic.

    Thank you!

  • 15 June 2010James Heisig speaking in Tokyo, June 21

    James Heisig is speaking at a seminar in Tokyo on June 21. The event will be focused on the topic of publishing.

    See Remembering the Kanji and Publishing in the Post-Kindle Age for more.

    Thanks to member DavidZ for the news.

    UPDATE: we have a nice summary courtesy of member Downey.
  • 14 June 2010Fixed forum registration

    The site was very briefly down today for a bug fix update. Anybody who registered on this website since the last major site update would get an invalid forum password. The forum password is now properly set on account creation.

    For those who have registered already and can not access the forums please don't create a new account! Simply update your password and it will be fixed! You can even do it twice and change back to your old password if you had spent months already trying to drill a good one into your memory ;)

  • 13 June 2010Soon, the monsoon

    I'm still in Mcleodganj, India! I decided to stop writing blog posts because it took a long time. I also felt like just being here rather than write about it. What? There is no difference? Well in my twisted mind there is ;) I still promised myself to write one last post, but since it'll be a kind of summary there's no hurry.

    Donations in June, plus the extras from last month's donation run have reached 300 €. With support from our two advertisers, you've done it! Thank you again! You've helped me cover my expenses during this trip for the greatest part of May and June.

    So what am I doing now? After one month of Tibetan "home stay" I have to admit I am enjoying the comforts of a nice hotel in Mcleodganj. I have easy access to Wi-Fi which is a big help for working on the website which I had applied as a volunteer job. What? No it's not done yet. Hey, this is India time, nobody's in a hurry here ;) All is good, unless I reschedule my return flight I will stay up to mid July.

    I sort of wish I didn't have my laptop as I spend more time on it now (enjoying some sweet oldschool gaming in the evening, screw the television (when it works) ;)). On the other hand to be honest I was kinda down early June, being sick for the third time, and contemplated going home. Hence I moved to a comfortable hotel , to wind down, enjoy some "continental" food.

    So now I feel much better and I figured I'd better stay. Going south is out of question as it's incredibly hot now around Delhi and Jaipur. As for the North (Uttar Pradesh, Himachal, Ladakh...) well I'm not that much of a traveller. I'm happy here. Some people like to change locations every week or every two weeks, sometimes every couple days! Your Mileage May Vary. I like to stay in one place, to get a feel for how people live here. The place is so cramped, there are loads of alleyways, you can discover new restaurants and boutiques almost every day :)

    Lately I'm just challenging myself to do a Hatha Yoga class at least twice a week. Last week I did three times, whoah! If I continue through June like this I'll be in great shape when I come back! There's a really good teacher "Vijay" in Mcleodganj. Mostly westerners but also a few Tibetans. The teacher really pays attention and corrects people, there's also a couple other assistants (one is I assume one of his students who did a teacher training course), and they also go around and fix your posture. The postures are a lot more focused on the tummy and the lower back which is great!

    I hope you all have a great summer.

    It's raining more often here, although usually not for long. It's great because temperature cools down and there's a little fresh wind. In July the monsoon will start...

    For those who have read up to here, if you registered lately and want to participate in the forums, you may be unable to login into the forums.

    Simply go to your profile page and update your password, this will fix the forum password.

    I will update the website soon to fix this.