Blog / February 2015

  • 26 February 2015New: "Cards reviewed today"

    The Review page now displays how many flashcards have been reviewed today.

    This provides better feedback for users reviewing in multiple sessions throughout the day. It is also useful if you fall behind on reviews: when there is a large pile of due cards, it's not very clear that any progress was made before and after a review. With this "today count" you can set yourself a daily limit and works towards that goal.

    The flashcard count is based on your local midnight time, so make sure to set up your local time in the Edit Account page (note that this timezone setting can be shifted forward or backward at your convenience, for example if your day ends at 2am and you want a new set of due cards to appear after 2am).
  • 19 February 2015Redesign Update - First preview!

    Work is advancing on the redesign / refresh. In the January 15th update I explained my goals with this redesign / refresh (it's a bit of both). It's a LOT of work, and so I am going to improve the site in incremental updates.

    Preview the redesigned Kanji Koohii !

    Try it out, so you can get familiar with it now, and let me know what you think!

    In today's preview the redesigned navigation bar and the dropdown menus should be working on desktop and mobile. On touch devices, you should be able to tap the "Study" and "Review" tabs, and pick something from the dropdown.

    However please note it is normal that it is not that much friendly, because the mobile view is not optimized yet, the page will still appear zoomed out. It won't look good on smaller screens, nor will it adapt to various devices, as I need to adapt the content of many pages to be flexible.

    The aesthetics is also a work in progress, but you can already get a feel for where it is going, and your opinions (good / bad) are welcome.

    When this redesign goes live it will be desktop optimized first. Then in further updates the site will gradually become more responsive and mobile friendly!

    Please note the preview website uses the LIVE database. So you can use it already if you like it, but keep in mind you are seeing your actual flashcards / stories (not a "test" copy).
  • 7 February 2015New: Due Cards Graph !

    Today's update introduces a new bar chart on the Review page. The chart represents how many due cards are scheduled over the next seven days:

    This chart can be helpful to plan your review time. For example if you have a lot more due cards today than tomorrow, you could review less cards today in order to even out your review time.

    Feedback thread for this feature. Thanks to ShadowFanX for the idea!
  • 4 February 2015The Koohii Wiki !

    Last week I have added a new authentication method to the Reviewing the Kanji Wiki aka "Koohii Wiki". Now if you have an account on the forum you will be automatically signed in the wiki and able to contribute there. Likewise, to sign out completely (ie. on a public computer) make sure to log out of the forum!

    In other news, a reminder about how the star and vote button works in the Study page. Keep in mind *both* the star and report buttons are toggles. Simply click once more either the star or report button to "undo" the action.