Blog / December 2013

  • 29 December 2013New: Skip flashcards during review

    If you can't quite recall one or two kanji during review but think there's a high probability of remembering it a little later, you can now select Skip this flashcard from the flashcard's drop down menu:

    Thanks to Milo for the suggestion!

    This update also fixes a small bug whereby the character pronunciation was not displayed in the "Edit Story" dialog during flashcard reviews (which you can see by using the S keyboard shortcut).
  • 6 December 2013Kanji Poster survey!

    The Kanji Poster is back! Max Hodges of White Rabbit Japan, the new owner / seller of Kanji Poster, is looking for feedback and ideas to improve the poster! Please check out the Kanji Poster survey thread in the forum if you'd like to share feedback and/or ideas for an updated kanji poster. Thanks!

    Those of you who have been here for some time will remember Paddy Duddy's Kanji Poster. It was a great product for Reviewing the Kanji audience because it displayed the kanji in the "Heisig" sequence, just like the Remembering the Kanji books. Many thanks to Paddy who sponsored this site/forum all the way from early 2008 up to July this year!