Blog / January 2007

  • 29 January 2007Second RtK get together in Kamakura!

    The second RtK get together took place in Kamakura ( 鎌倉 ), on January 27th! It looks like it was a memorable day for everyone!

    From left to right in the back we have members guppy, brose, Scooter; in the front Christoph, woelpad, synewave and Wakela.

    Meditating silently in the back is The Great Buddha of Kamakura ( 鎌倉大仏 ).

    Thanks to synewave for sharing the photo with us! Props to taijuando for starting up the whole thing back in June 2006, and to Scooter for getting the 2nd get together revved up!

  • 24 January 2007Small fix to the logout page

    I've fixed the log out procedure so that when you log out from the main site you are now also logged out from the forums.

    So if you are not using your computer at home for example, and you want to log out completely across the main site and forums, you can simply log out of the main site and that will be it.

    Previously it was the case that you would still be logged in into the forums, if you chose "Remember me" in the log in, even after logging out of the main site.

    Thanks to member JimmySeal for bringing this to my attention.
  • 20 January 2007Review area updates

    Today's updates aim to:

    Reduce the load of flashcard reviews, so that you can concentrate better on the difficult kanji.

    Improve support for "Remembering the Kanji Vol. 3", by allowing to review and see one's progress with RTK3 kanji separately.

    You will find more detailed information about the update in this forum topic.

  • 1 January 2007明けましておめでとうございます!

    Happy New Year!

    I hope 2007 will see many of us attain our Japanese study goals, completing Remembering the Kanji, and acquiring more proficiency in the spoken and written language!

    The last six months saw the birth of the "Reviewing the kanji" forums. I would like to thank everyone for allowing the forums to grow into the informative and convivial exchange that it has become today.

    In the coming months I am going to look at ways for generating income to support the maintenance and growth of the website, while keeping all the present functionality available for free. I hope it will work out well.

    Let us continue on our way to Japanese literacy!