Blog / April 2009

  • 18 April 2009View/Edit Stories in Flashcard Reviews

    Last night I couldn't fall asleep easily so I got up and started working between 3am and 6am on this idea I had for a while :

    Click the screenshot for a bigger view (in "fullscreen mode").

    It works just like on the Study page!
  • 1 April 2009Pretty good month

    February was a pretty good month and March too (save for a nasty cold today)! It's taken me a long time but I have settled into a routine where I managed to work on the site almost every week day.

    The refactoring is going along slowly but surely.. I am determined to create good code this time that I will be able to maintain for a long time. Lately I have created a collection of clearly documented Javascript classes that I will be able to reuse throughout the site. One practical result is that the Study page now uses Ajax for editing the story so it is much faster than reloading the entire page.

    Most members will probably not have noticed yet, I have updated the homepage for new visitors. Sign out for a minute and you will see it. Hope you like it!

    The goal was twofold : put the Remembering the Kanji book on the front page and make a clear distinction as to what the book and website does, the second part was to create affiliate links to get something back for the publicity this website generates for James Heisig's book. The commission at Amazon is quite small (4%), but it's got to start somewhere right?

    If you want to actively support the site while shopping on Amazon, you can follow one of the links on the homepage (currently US, UK and FR), and if you buy something else the commission to RevTK will still be valid for 24h (As Far As I Know). Thank you!