Blog / September 2007

  • 18 September 2007Undoing "star" or "report" on a story

    If you mistakenly clicked onto the "Star" or "Report" icon next to a story, you can now undo the vote: simply click again to toggle the vote on and off; it works like a switch.

    Additionally, this allows you to undo your vote for a story if you later find out it didn't work well for you, and you changed to another story/mnemonic. This is helpful since the favorite stories should be the ones that worked best in terms of remembering the associated characters.

  • 2 September 2007Order of shared stories, fix

    A small tweak today to fix the order of stories which got reversed somehow after the last update (in the "Favourite Stories" section). The most starred stories come first as expected, stories with the same amount of stars and non voted stories are then sorted from newest to oldest as it used to be.

    Update I've updated the story voting system so that self-votes are no longer possible. There were 69 of those actually out of 1064 votes (^_^), and it was necessary to put the site in "maintenance" for a short duration during which I updated the database.