Blog / August 2017

  • 19 August 2017Fixed: highlight kanji readings in example words

    The pronunciation of the kanji is now highlighted in example words on flashcards. This fixes issue 118 on Github.

    Discover words based on RTK index: this Vocab Shuffle mode is also updated to use the 6th (ie. last) edition of RTK. Previously it was stuck to the fifth edition. With this review mode if you enter, say, 46, you will get a random selection of vocabulary which only uses kanji from RTK index 1 to 46. You can use this mode to learn words that you can write with the kanji you have learned so far, as well as familiarize yourself with the readings.

  • 12 August 2017Switched server to php7.0

    The website has just switched to php7.0 (from 5.4+ previously). This should improve performance a little bit, at the very least it should perform the same definitely not worse! Therefore please let me know as soon as possible if anything breaks! (I've been developing locally with php7 for some time now and I think everything works fine). Github issue #116 "Switch production site to php 7.0".
  • 11 August 2017Small bug fix "Cant close Story box until data returns"

    A potential bug fix has been published today. On a slow mobile connection it could happen that the Story dialog would fail to load (during a flashcard review). In that case I'm told that tapping in the empty space would not close the dialog as it should.

    For mobile view, I changed the Story dialog to always display a Close button while it is loading. I couldn't reproduce the original issue, so I hope this works. Let me know if there are still issues or if this works better, Issue 106 on Github.
  • 9 August 2017Squashed a (minor) bug

    Fixed a relatively harmless bug today which caused some empty stories appearing in the Shared Stories list on some pages. Thanks to picsi for the report! Issue 115 on github. For performance reasons the shared stories are cached. Since this bug is harmless and there are only ~240 such entries out of 382000+ Shared Stories I am leaving the cached templates as is. Those will refresh over time and the incorrect entries disappear.

  • 1 August 2017Update to the donation page

    I fixed an issue with the PayPal link on the donation page. Sometime around January I changed the PayPal link to a "" address. I saw a popular open source project do this and assumed this was better and easier to use since the page has a modern, mobile friendly layout. -- I realized since then that this isn't correct because Kanji Koohii is not a charity and donations are technically a payment (meaning, charities have special rules and fees on PayPal which do not apply here). "" is meant for sending money to "family and friends". So I corrected the PayPal link to include the fee as it should (to be clear this was always the case before the responsive / mobile redesign which happened 6 months ago).

    Meanwhile I also found out that the PayPal page now includes a "Make this recurring" option (checkbox). I don't know when they added this option. So I removed the separate "recurring donation" option, simplifying the donation page; When you make a donation, you have the option to make it "recurring". If you check this option, it will appear as a subscription in your Paypal account. You can cancel this kind of subscription at any time from your Paypal account. With that said, for ongoing pledges I would still recommend to support me on Patreon as it is more visible and you will also appear on the patron list.

    As an aside, a small bug was fixed some weeks ago that's relatively rare but was more likely to happen when switching between desktop and the Kanji Ryokusha client. Issue #113 Thanks to fkb9g for the report!