Blog / October 2012

  • 3 October 2012Registrations are open again!

    New account registration is available again. As a side note, I got six emails in the last three days from people asking when the registrations would be open. Sorry about that! It was kinda nice seeing people eager to register :)

    Please note: forum accounts are no longer linked! If you sign in with your forum account in a public space, signing out on *this* site will no longer sign you out of the forum!

    Another change is that updating your password *here* will no longer update your password on the forum. They are completely separate accounts now. Existing members just have the "privilege" that they were able to get the exact same username accross the main site and forum. From now on, you'll need to update your forum password from the forum "Profile" tab.

    You now have to sign in, and sign out, on this site and/or the forum, completely separately. If you'd like the "remember me" feature for the forum, go to the forum "Profile" tab > click "Privacy" then check "Save username and password between visits." If you use the forum in a public place, simply make sure to click "Logout" on the forum.

    I'm afraid forum registration remains closed and it will probably not be open until next week. This is where most of the work which I hinted in the previous post, still have to be done.
  • 1 October 2012Registrations temporarily unavailable

    I'm sorry registration on Reviewing the Kanji is currently unavailable. New account creation should be back within a few days hopefully.

    One long standing issue with the website registrations is that two accounts are created during registration: one for this site, and one for the community forum.

    This was always meant to be a convenience for new members, allowing them to participate in the forum, as well as post feedback without having to register a separate account. Registering both accounts at once, and disabling separate registration on the forum ensured that everyone can use the same account name between the main site and forum. To top it off, logging in this website would log you in the forums automatically, making it easier to log in and log out from the main site and forum.

    Unfortunately this also creates limitations for the forum, one of which is that features such as email verification as well as IP bans for spammers are not effective during registration. In practice a lot of spam gets blocked when the bots/scripts try to post on the forum, but they still create hundreds, if not thousands of "dummy" inactive accounts on this site.

    TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read): It's time to separate the main site and forum accounts. I think for many users this may in fact be what they would prefer. It may be beneficial for the forum activity as well, allowing people to register directly on the forum, whether they use this website or not.