Blog / July 2012

  • 23 July 2012Vocab Shuffle tweaks

    • Vocab Shuffle and Free Review example words are now selected from priority entries in JMDICT. There should be less uncommon words, with the total pool of words reduced from roughly 24600 to 15900.
    • Vocab Shuffle's kanji tooltips now display custom keywords, if these are set.
    • Vocab Shuffle: clicking on a kanji, or clicking "Search on" should now open a new tab or window.

  • 16 July 2012Vocab Shuffle: Only Known Kanji

    A new mode has been added to Vocab Shuffle on the Labs page: discover words made only of known kanji (three or more successful reviews)!

    This is an interesting feature for new RTK learners: after approximately ten days and three successful reviews with the SRS (Spaced Repetition System), kanji flashcards appear in the fourth box on the review page. Those kanji are considered "known" and are used by the new Vocab Shuffle mode to give you a randomized flashcard session with Japanese words made only of those known kanji!

    This is pretty cool because it bridges the gap between the RTK method and vocabulary. With this feature you can start learning words and understanding how the kanji work together as soon as you begin learning the characters. As you progress and add more kanji, you will begin to see more and more possible words appearing in the Vocab Shuffle sessions!

    Still, my advice to new RTK learners would be to focus on adding kanji at a regular pace, and only memorize words which come very easily. Think of Vocab Shuffle as a way to pick up some readings, and get a better sense of the character meanings through example words.

    Thanks to the the RevTK community and especially JimmySeal for giving me some good hints to get this working. Please post feedback in this thread, thank you!