Blog / June 2015

  • 2 June 2015New : Keyboard shortcut for "Skip flashcard".

    UPDATE Bugfix! The shortcut was only working after flipping the card. It now works before you flip the card, which makes a lot more sense :) (so eg, if you draw a blank on a keyword, you can skip the card without seeing the kanji, to work on it later).

    There is a now a keyboard shortcut for the "Skip flashcard" feature previously available in the flashcard menu (the drop down that is available by clicking in the top right of the flashcard). The shortcuts are K and , (decimal point on the numeric keypad), also documented in the Help window.

    The "Skip flashcard" shortcut can be handy if you like to whittle down the due cards by going through all the easy answers first, and then working on the difficult characters in a second pass. Thanks to Joe for the suggestion!