Blog / May 2010

  • 11 May 2010Thank you

    Thank you for donating recently to support the website and my trip to India. You have made twenty donations so far, for a total of 266 €! Tujina! ("thank you" in Tibetan ;)).

    Since we're close to 300 €, I thought that would make a good target for this month's donation run. Any donations beyond that will count towards next month's donation run (June). I will return to Belgium in mid-July so I will not set a target for July but any extra support in July is appreciated :)

    I usually have a couple hours in the evening where I can spend relaxing time in my homestay room. I can soothe my computer addiction by writing about the activities of the day on a laptop. ;) Because I'm offline most of the day, I edit "draft" emails, which I can send later at an internet cafe, or the volunteer office.

    Since I stay in Mcleodganj for a while (at least until June 20) and have some volunteer tasks to attend to, I won't be able to write about exciting places everyday. Sometimes I write more personal accounts, impressions, and also information about Tibet as I learn it through local magazines, the TibetTV channel, and talking to people here. I hope you will enjoy it:

    Fabrice's India trip on

    When I go back to Belgium I may be without job for a while, so I plan to take this opportunity to catch up with the open source project, and the Chinese version of the website. Your donations really help to offset the total cost of the trip, so that I don't use up all my savings.