Blog / October 2015

  • 7 October 2015Forum Upgrade!

    The forum is finally being upgraded to a better platform (MyBB) that allows PMs (private messaging), reputation, likes and thanks, a rich text editor, video embedding inside posts, etc.

    Update : I wasn't happy with the new forum theme and completely re-designed it. Spent a week creating new designs in Photoshop and I'm currently "slicing" it into a functional theme which takes a lot of time. It's honestly taking far longer than I wish but hopefully it will be worth it. The new forum and theme will work better on mobile devices, which could also help with traffic since Google now ranks "mobile" friendly websites differently when searching on mobile devices.

    Thing is, I could have used an existing theme, perhaps even bought one. But forums are also slowly being outfashioned by Q & A sites, the Reddit / HackerNews format etc. So I wanted to try a variation on the forum idea. Since most people just go straight to "Recent posts" or "Show new posts" I modified the index page to show all recent topics instead. That means all the new discussions are always on the front page. The forums are available as "categories" in the sidebar. It's a lot of work but I think it was long overdue and hopefully it will help the forum thrive in the medium to long term!