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  • 20 June 2017UPDATE : Firefox issue with HTTPS certificate is fixed

    Update: if you made the tweak to the OCSP setting in Firefox which I suggested here you can now restore it to default (ie. enabled).

    PS: I don't know but just in case, if after enabling OCSP you are still stuck try clearing the cache.
  • 6 June 2017Secure connection is now the default.

    Redirects are now in place from http to https. So if you used auto-completion in the URL bar to get to Kanji Koohii... you will be taken to the secure version. New visitors now will also register through the https version.

    In plain english you should always see the green lock in the address bar. In Google Chrome also it says "Secure" next to the URL.

    If there is any issue, let me know!

    PS: the forum will also move to https. It requires a bit more work though. Working on it!
  • 5 June 2017Kanji Ryokucha for iOS Update

    Kanji Ryokucha for iOS update 1.1.0 is out. This updated version uses a secure connection to Kanji Koohii (https). Get it here. You can leave feedback and suggestions to the author, German Buela, in this forum thread.
  • 28 May 2017HTTPS Secure Connection is available!

    You should be able to connect securely now on

    Please note I haven't tested the website thoroughly yet. The SSL certificates were installed last Friday. I haven't had much time since and the heat is killing me right now ;) But it seems like the website runs just fine and won't require any significant changes.

    I also didn't have the time yet to create redirects and such. Therefore you may want to bookmark the https link above if you want to use it now. When I have time I will setup redirects so https will be the default.

    Using the https link above you should see the green "secure" sign in the browser location bar, indicating the connection and authentication (ie. your passwords) are sent over an encrypted connection.

    The Koohii Forum will require some tweaks however so it doesn't quite work at this moment over https.

    Thank you

    This month there are two new patrons on our Patreon! Thank you so much. It really helps. I thought the Patreon had stalled and it's really uplifting to see the support.

    Long time members know the site updates have been quite random. I wish I could provide more regular updates. On the long run though your support is what kept me going and brought important updates such as multiple edition support, custom keywords, better mobile/responsive experience, and this year the open source project on Github!

    Right now I am basically enduring 30+C heat in an appartment under the roof with little ventilation. The rent was good for saving money while I returned to live in Brussels. But now I need to move to a better place with a bit more space as it's impacting my morale. Health wise though I am doing pretty good overall no complaints :)

    While looking for a new place in June I don't expect to make significant updates to the website. However the secure connection was the most urgent and it seems the website works fine over https so that's out of the way. I am looking in a bug recently added to the issues list. Please don't hesitate to comment on issues as it's one of those things that can motivate me to look into, or prioritize. And you never know, it may motivate contributors as well to look into.
  • 19 May 2017Kanji Ryokucha for iOS is on the iTunes Store!

    Kanji Ryokucha is a flashcard-based spaced repetition review app which syncs with your Kanji Koohii account. The app is free and without ads. Get it on the iTunes store for iPad and iPhone.

    You may remember the app was announced here previosuly, it was the Android version by the same author, German Buela.

    Please support German with your feedback on the forum threads: Android and iOS edition.