• 1 January 2006Have a great 2006 !

    I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year, and let us hope this year many of you will reach your kanji goal and complete RTK Volume 1 ! I have still about 120 kanji to go myself, and I am determined to complete volume 1 this January.

    When I started out with the RTK method, I found valuable help and motivation through various forums. This website is my way of helping back. If I can only help 10 people reach their goal, I will be very happy. I already am in fact, with hardly any 'advertising' of the website, there's been a steady activity in the past few months, and I am guessing by the number of reviews on the members list that this is really being helpful to you.

    This website is mostly self-motivated work, thus it is evolving with my study. I hope to be finished with RTK Volume 1 by the end of January, and during February I hope to look into adding new sections for testing the on-yomi (chinese pronunciations). I also want to add a section to help study the on-yomi based on the kanji-chain method. Last but not least, someone kindly provided me with a full list of 3007 german keywords, so I may add a language option at that point. But more on that later.

    頑張って ! (ganbatte!)