• 18 January 2006Does your kanji need a doctor ?

    KanjiClinic.com is a great site to visit while you are studying Remembering The Kanji.
    Its purpose is to provide practical advice and inspiration to non-Japanese adults striving to achieve literacy in Japanese by learning the 1,945 general-use kanji ("Chinese characters").

    I liked to read one column after each completed lesson of RTK1, to keep my interest going. The Reader Response is also a great source of motivation.

    I finished Remembering The Kanji Volume 1 on 15 January, by the way :) Mind, I still have a stack of about 200 "failed" cards. I've found this is a great time to use the Study section. Because the critical part is over, that of meeting new kanji for the first time, I found I could refresh my memory and adapt my mnemonics while working at the computer. It's great to go back to earlier kanji, and see what mnemonics you have shared. Some of those are really neat, and have been a great help, thanks!