• 23 June 2010Help with a little bit of testing

    Thanks to a reminder from member infractus, I have fixed an issue with the "Reconnect" button that appears on the flashcard review page, when the connection is slow or unresponsive.

    I would like to update the live site soon, but I would like to get some feedback first to make sure no new bugs were introduced. Read on if you could spare five minutes for testing...

    How to test

    If you have sometimes slow connection and you see the "Reconnect" link on the flashcard review page, please do some test reviews on the staging website.

    Deleting cards or creating a new account is safe, the staging website uses a different database (an old backup). Just keep an eye on the "DEVELOPMENT VERSION!" background, or the url in your browser. When you are done, make sure you switch back to the live site at kanji.koohii.com.

    I suggest to add the easy kanji 1-50 for example, if you don't want to mess with your current study.

    If something appears to be broken or doesn't work as it used to, please post in this topic.

    Thank you!