• 19 February 2011Brief downtime Saturday 9PM GMT

    There was a brief downtime today to address spam on the community forum. The registration page now includes a CAPTCHA prompt which should help to reduce the number of dummy user accounts created by spam bots.

    Although I didn't mean to change the rest of the site, there were a lot of reshuffling of javascript in my development version which are now on the live site. I did a round of testing under Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome and Firefox. Things look fine, but it's possible I have introduced minor javascript bugs in this update. If anything appears broken, please let me know.

    This update also changes slightly the Reading page: it no longer requires a "mouse over" to show the keywords. On touch devices such as the iPad the "hover" event doesn't work so I have replaced it with a click event. Simply tap/click the kanji to see the keyword, then tap on the link to go to the Study page. It's a bit rough... but it works.