• 19 February 2015Redesign Update - First preview!

    Work is advancing on the redesign / refresh. In the January 15th update I explained my goals with this redesign / refresh (it's a bit of both). It's a LOT of work, and so I am going to improve the site in incremental updates.

    Preview the redesigned Kanji Koohii !

    Try it out, so you can get familiar with it now, and let me know what you think!

    In today's preview the redesigned navigation bar and the dropdown menus should be working on desktop and mobile. On touch devices, you should be able to tap the "Study" and "Review" tabs, and pick something from the dropdown.

    However please note it is normal that it is not that much friendly, because the mobile view is not optimized yet, the page will still appear zoomed out. It won't look good on smaller screens, nor will it adapt to various devices, as I need to adapt the content of many pages to be flexible.

    The aesthetics is also a work in progress, but you can already get a feel for where it is going, and your opinions (good / bad) are welcome.

    When this redesign goes live it will be desktop optimized first. Then in further updates the site will gradually become more responsive and mobile friendly!

    Please note the preview website uses the LIVE database. So you can use it already if you like it, but keep in mind you are seeing your actual flashcards / stories (not a "test" copy).