• 1 August 2017Update to the donation page

    I fixed an issue with the PayPal link on the donation page. Sometime around January I changed the PayPal link to a "paypal.me" address. I saw a popular open source project do this and assumed this was better and easier to use since the paypal.me page has a modern, mobile friendly layout. -- I realized since then that this isn't correct because Kanji Koohii is not a charity and donations are technically a payment (meaning, charities have special rules and fees on PayPal which do not apply here). "Paypal.me" is meant for sending money to "family and friends". So I corrected the PayPal link to include the fee as it should (to be clear this was always the case before the responsive / mobile redesign which happened 6 months ago).

    Meanwhile I also found out that the PayPal page now includes a "Make this recurring" option (checkbox). I don't know when they added this option. So I removed the separate "recurring donation" option, simplifying the donation page; When you make a donation, you have the option to make it "recurring". If you check this option, it will appear as a subscription in your Paypal account. You can cancel this kind of subscription at any time from your Paypal account. With that said, for ongoing pledges I would still recommend to support me on Patreon as it is more visible and you will also appear on the patron list.

    As an aside, a small bug was fixed some weeks ago that's relatively rare but was more likely to happen when switching between desktop and the Kanji Ryokusha client. Issue #113 Thanks to fkb9g for the report!