• 2 November 2009This weekend's major update, and today's fixes

    I hope you all enjoy the site update. I wish I had taken more time to document the changes ahead of publishing the site, and to give a little advance warning to those who use the GreaseMonkey scripts (they are updated thanks to woelpad!) but... I had promised myself to update the website this weekend, so I went ahead. I just didn't want to get another chance at procrastinating on it.

    The way to re-study the cards from the red pile ("failed cards") has changed. Essentially you get an extra review, and the ability to review just part of your failed stack. Please see this post for a better description.

    Today's fixes are described on the Website Updates wiki page.

    I will try to post a full description of the changes, but I may not have time until this weekend. This thursday and friday I will be at Fronteers 2009 in Holland, a conference for front-end web developers! Right after that I have a week's worth of holidays during which I had planned to do some work on Reviewing the Hanzi (Chinese version). I may end up doing more fixes to RevTK though.. we'll see.