• 15 November 2009Sunday, November 15 update

    Today's update added a couple features and fixed a few issues with the refactored web site update from November 1. See changelog on the wiki.

    Most importantly, there was a display issue on the homepage. The reported number of expired cards did not use the local time zone setting that you can set in your Profile page. This had the effect for some users (depending on their timezone value and time of day), that the homepage would show a given number of expired cards, but the review page would show a different number, or no expired cards at all.

    The View/Edit Story feature now available on the flashcard review page isn't really new, but I think the greater number of users who did not try the test version of the refactored site and/or did not see the related topic on the forum would not have known about it. So I expect this to be a new feature for many users :) You will notice a new button on the review page. The underlined letter on the button indicates the shortcut key.

    View and edit stories straight from the flashcard review page

    The other feature is the flashcard export, which has been restored in the new site. You will find it in the Manage tab. You can now easily backup your data anytime you want.