• 6 December 2009Coding coding coding

    The last couple of weeks I have been busy writing a tool to optimize page load times and organize all the client-side components of the website as a framework. It is very similar to Sprockets, but is written in php.

    Besides writing this tool, I am also moving all the javascript code to YUI 3. Most of the "widget" type code such as the ajax tables, or the progress bars is done. Now I need to adapt the pages themselves.

    This front end code rewrite is going to break once again the Greasemonkey scripts (some or all, I can't say), so I have decided to implement the Custom Keywords functionality as part of the next release. The idea is to implement "natively" the one script that has become critical to many users who need to review with non-english keywords, and from there on to avoid needless frustration with future updates.

    I am shooting for an update before the end of December.

    A big thank you to whomever bought the Regular Expressions Cookbook from my UK Amazon wish list!

    I have been trying to get my head around Git and GitHub because I would like to share code, but without much luck yet... I was able to upload a project, but couldn't find how to "merge" changes made via GitHub. :( I continue to finetune the project anyway while it is being integrated and having a "real world" test with Reviewing the Kanji.

    My main issue right now with Git is that am comfortable with the SVN support in Eclispe at work.. and I can't see myself now using a command line tool to merge changes between files. Maybe I am missing something? On the other hand I have looked at Google Code but I have no idea where even to start with it. I haven't used the SVN command line in 8 years or more.. I'm just using the GUI In Eclipse X_X

    If you have recommendations for simple ways to share code, or you know a great "Git/SVN for dummies tutorial" please shoot an email :)