• 7 December 2009JapanesePod101.com Christmas count down

    JapanesePod101 is offering a 25% discount from Dec 13th to Dec 25th off anything in their inventory. They are also introducing a Buy one, Give one special offer between December 4th-December 13th, essentially giving you a second "1-Year Premium Subscription" package free, for a language of your choice (for example ChineseClass101, ItalianPod101, etc).

    Read on for more details if you are interested.

    This is the JapanesePod101 announcement:

    Can you believe it is December already? We here at JapanesePod101.com have been pretty busy gearing up for the Holiday Season and have come up with some really great offers for Japanese learners.

    Buy one, Give one Offer (December 4th-December 13th)

    Buy a 1-Year Premium Subscription to JapanesePod101.com and get a 2nd 1-Year Premium Subscription to any language for FREE. You can purchase a year of JapanesePod101.com for yourself, and give a year of great language learning access to a friend. Or, because you deserve it, you could give yourself as well...that is a $180 savings! You can also purchase the Ultimate Getting Started Data DVD for an additional $19.99 (usually $60) and have it delivered by Christmas Day. Follow this link.

    Reverse Christmas Countdown (December 13th-December 25th)

    Starting December 13th, we are offering a 25% discount off ANYTHING in our inventory: JapanesePod101.com subscriptions, Survival Phrases lessons, iPhone/iPod Touch Applications and much more! You must act fast because our discount will be going down each day until Christmas, so for the biggest savings - buy early! Code goes live December 13th - Use discount code XMAS2009.