• 18 December 2009First project on Github

    Hooray! My first public code repository is on Github! Juicer is a tool I have built a couple weeks ago, to manage front-end code as reusable components. This tool allows organizing your javascripts and stylesheets in a logical structure, and build concatenated files with all dependencies required on the web page. Have a look at it if you are into web development!

    I have built Juicer so that I can effectively reuse all the front end components such as progress bars or ajax sortable tables, on multiple web sites. The front end components will now be a separate repository.

    With Juicer the next release of the website will also use only one javascript and one stylesheet on the Study and Flashcard Review pages. Users accessing the site from an iPhone or other device with slower connections/greater latency should see a difference!

    Juicer is quite a small project, the gist of it really is a single php file. The rest is a demo that also includes a simple example for managing "revisions" of your javascript and stylesheets and gzip the output files.

    The small size of this project for me is ideal, as it is a stepping stone towards releasing bigger repositories in the future.

    I hope to get a few contributions or patches and learn more about Git in the process in the next few months.

    Soon after the next web site release (which will make use of Juicer), I plan to start a new repository on Github with all the website's front-end components: progress bars, buttons, ajax sortable data tables, and so on.