• 21 March 2010Introducing... iVocab Shuffle™ !

    iVocab Shuffle™ is a simple flashcard review mode that requires no registration to use.

    The idea is of a minimalistic test mode which you can do at any time of day. It is meant as an informal test, so please don't stress out :)


    • discover new words
    • discover new Japanese websites by using the "Search on google.co.jp" option, see live examples of the word usage
    • gradually get a better feeling for the kanji meanings
    • simple memory test of the reading and meanings
    • you can point at the kanji to see the Remembering the Kanji keyword, if any
    • you can click those kanji to go straight to the Study page (hint: middle click to open in a new tab)
    iVocab Shuffle™ is the first experimental feature introduced with the new Labs page. I will use the labs page to try out some ideas, and of course by its nature, your suggestions are welcome.

    Please see the iVocab Shuffle™ topic on the community forums for more.