• 24 March 2010Help with a little bit of testing

    I need a little bit of help with testing the staging website. Please note the "staging" website is an almost identical copy of this site! Your data there can be different, and if you're a new member your account probably does not exist there. That's ok, you can create new accounts or mess with your data any way you want there. Just double check the url if you have any doubts.

    I need help with testing because the website needs to be updated soon, to introduce the Open Source codebase, which is under version control. In plain english this means starting with the next update I FINALLY have the freedom to do quick updates without worrying about breaking everything, because I'll always have a "clean" copy of the site at hand, even if I do "refactorings" and so on.

    Another reason why you may want to help is that the version on staging introduces optimizations of the page load time for the Study page and the flashcard review page. It optimizes the "front end" only, by reducing the number of javascripts to just one! So the difference will be felt (I hope) mostly for slow devices. If you use a regular desktop computer, you will probably not notice too much difference (but if you do I'd love to hear about it).

    Please post any problems you find on this forum topic. Thank you!