• 28 October 2010Customize Keywords ready for testing

    The Customize Keyword update is ready for testing on the staging website!

    If you were waiting for this feature, please test it out and let me know about any issues or suggestions you have in this topic on the feedback forum.

    The staging (aka "test") website uses a different database so anything you do there will not affect your real account. It does not use a recent copy of the live site, so you may not be able to login with your existing username on there. I highly recommend to create a dummy account on there before you delete flashcards. Please double check the URL in your browser when testing: it should start with "revtk-staging.koohii.com".

    Simply click on the keyword on the Study page, or even on the Edit Story dialog during reviews, and a new dialog will show up where you can edit the keyword. Customized Keywords are exported with your stories and flashcard exports. If you want to edit many keywords you may find the new Manage > Edit Keywords page more convenient than flipping through the Study pages.

    This feature effectively solves a big problem for non-english users, who will now be able to enter the keywords in their localized version of Remembering the Kanji, or even write their own set if the translation does not exist.

    There are no plans currently to allow for sharing of Customized Keyword lists. I may add an Import Keywords feature but I need more feedback on this to see what people are doing with it. For example if you use the Custom Keywords to add an example Japanese word, that scenario would be better addressed by creating a specific feature for that.