• 18 November 2010Thursday 18 November Update: Custom Keywords!

    • Customized Keywords! You can now edit and import your own keywords for all the kanji featured in RTK Volume 1 and 3 (roughly 3007 kanji, including the Jouyou). International users can also use this to replace the English keywords with ones in their own language. Other example uses include Japanese keywords, and adding an extra hint for keywords that have multiple meanings.
    • Custom Keywords can be imported from the Manage > Import keywords page!
    • Keywords can be edited on the Study page: simply click the keyword in the story edit area. An "Edit Keyword" dialog will appear.
    • Keywords can also be edited during a review session! Click the keyword inside the "Edit Story" dialog. It works just like on the Study page.
    • Use the Manage > Edit Keywords page when you want to edit many keywords at once. Note that this page only lists keywords from your flashcards. For another way to conveniently edit multiple keywords consider simply typing in the changes in the Import Keywords page.
    • Use the TAB key on the Manage > Edit Keywords page to edit keywords in sequence. This is more convenient than going through the Study pages if all you want is to replace series of keywords. Keep in mind however that the Edit Keywords page only lists Custom Keywords for your existing flashcards.
    Other fixes and tweaks:
    • Stories Export now replaces frame number links with the kanji and keyword (dalmim).
    • Stories Export is now ordered by Heisig's "frame number".
    • Fixed a display issue with the Star/Report/Vote buttons (Kysle).
    • Tweaked Custom Keywords based on feedback (Asayoru, EratiK and jmignot).
    Switching from the Greasemonkey script

    If you're having trouble extracting the keywords please check the Substitute Keywords topic.


    This update was a long overdue addition to the website. I didn't get around to it until now for several reasons, some personal (free time, motivation…) others technical (I pretty much learned php with this website). During all this time, this functionality has been available through prolific member Woelpad's "Substitute Keywords" script. The script worked basically like a plugin inside the Firefox browser.

    I want to thank Woelpad for providing this functionality to the Reviewing the Kanji users until now (besides the many other useful scripts he's written). I also want to thank him for taking the time to update the scripts and help out its users who depended on it, everytime I made changes to the website.

    Thank you Woelpad!