• 20 January 2011Lil' update

    I've been doing lots of cleanup in the codebase last week to prepare for future updates. PrototypeJs is finally out, in favor of YUI. This frees up ~25KB on some pages because both PrototypeJs and YUI were in use *gasp!*.

    I'm now working on the Flashcard Review page layout. I'm removing the clunky table layout which causes scrolling issues, and will be testing a "dynamic" layout where the elements will adapt to the screen size.

    I am also testing the iPhone and iPad layouts after installing the latest iOS SDK Simulator. I have already added a nifty app icon which you drag to your home screen by using Safari's "Add to Home Screen" option. If you know how to do this on Android, let me know and I'll add it as well.

    On iPhone I think I will have a iPhone specific view, which will match exactly the resolution of the device, so there will be no need to zoom in/out or scroll.