• 2 March 2011Reviewing the Hanzi website in development

    Work has finally begun on the Reviewing the Hanzi website... after announcing my plans back in June 2009 *cough* *cough*.

    I've already contacted both authors Mr James Heisig and Timothy W. Richardson back then, and have their consent. The agreement is the same as for the current website: the original stories must not be reproduced in the Study pages, and the website doesn't break down characters into their primitives. This way the website has established itself as a complement of the books, rather than a replacement.

    Please note that the very first release will only support Traditional Hanzi, Volume 1 (1500 characters). My goal is to get a working website done first, and then we will work out how to handle Simplified / Traditional, character variants and font issues in subsequent updates.

    I will be posting updates on the development log topic over at the forums.