• 14 March 2011Today's update

    Today’s update adds the ability to delete flashcards during a review session.

    Click the little tool icon in the top right of the flashcards to bring the Edit Flashcard Menu. The menu shows the flashcard’s statistics (Last Review, Pass/Fail count, etc) and the “Delete Flashcard” option.

    You can undo a deleted flashcard and re-answer the card, just the same way that the No/Yes/Easy buttons work. Note that this interface appeared on the Study page with the Dec 24th update. On the Study page it also lets you move cards to the Study pile, add cards, and start a review of the new cards.

    Thanks to member chamcham for the suggestion. It is true that the Spaced Repetition System takes care of well known cards and that these cards will eventually be on a very long review cycle. But I also think it’s great that users can find ways of using the website that answer specific scenarios such as that chamcham described.