• 5 May 2011iTroubles and The Koohii Blog

    First of all, thank you all again for the generous donations last Christmas! I ordered an iPad2 late March and received it Friday April 15th. From there on I have to admit my productivity has taken a serious blow :) I absolutely LOVE THIS THING!

    The iPad is very interesting to me because it's very good in ways that I didn't expect. I have been surprised in particular, by the amount of "aggregation" apps such as Flipboard, Zite, Qwiki, SkyGrid, Hitpad, Taptu, etc. These apps made me realize how important RSS feeds, blogs and Twitter have become.

    I'm currently working on setting up a WordPress blog, which will be much easier to update and much better for social integration. Although I don't have an official company (yet), it will act as a company blog, overseeing both the kanji and hanzi website. The blog will naturally find its place on the parent koohii.com domain.