• 11 May 2012Lesson Reviews

    Today's update introduces a new, simple review mode that lets you review as much as you like. This has been often requested, and I hope it will make the website easier to use for people who are new to the whole Spaced Repetition System thing-a-magic (aka "SRS").

    For the time being the new "free" review mode is available through the Progress page. You will find a Review link for each lesson. These links will take you to the flashcard review page, with all the kanji for that lesson shuffled together.

    Read on for more details...

    The "free" review sessions do not use the "Easy" answer, just "Yes" or "No". The Story shortcut (S key) is still available! The tool menu (little wrench icon) is also gone, since it is meant to edit the flashcard but this mode does not require the user to add cards in advance.

    Because there is less information to display in the review summary, I went with a nice little grid of flashcards, such as you can see on the Manage pages. I hope you like it!

    For this first release I wanted to keep things simple. I realize the flow between the pages has not been optimized for new users, nor is there a way to start a "free" review with a custom range of cards. For now, you can start a "free" review of any range of cards if you have a look at the address bar ;) (change the from and to parameters with Heisig frame numbers).

    I have posted two screenshots on the RevTK Google+ page. I'm afraid the "blog" functionality on this site is very outdated. It's easy to post screenshots there, and is in no way suggesting you should use Google+ :) I just like the simplicity (as of writing).

    For feedback and issues please post in the Feedback forum, thank you!